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Terms & Conditions

Ad Copy
Promo Stylist creates free ad copy for orders that meet the minimum required quantity. Less than minimum orders or cancelled orders in which ad copy has already been created are billable at a rate of $75 per hour.

Art Proofs & Ad Copy Approvals
Promo Stylist provides free art proofs for customer approval before beginning production as a complimentary service. The first proof is free with up to two revisions for no additional charge.  Subsequent proofs are subject to a service fee of $7.50 each. Proofs requested on the supplier’s product templates are billable at the supplier’s art proof rate. On less than minimum orders or cancelled orders where art proofs have been provided, a service fee of $7.50 per proof.

Delays in approving artwork, or requests for modification of ad copy, will result in production delays and cause delays for delivery. Promo Stylist shall not be held responsible for failure to fulfill a delivery commitment in such situations.

Cancelled orders are billable at $50.00 plus the cost of all billable work completed.  Promo Stylist does not bill for most services (ad copy, artwork, paper proofs etc.)  However, in the event of a cancellation, these services will be invoiced at the standard rate.

All orders placed thru Promo Stylist are drop shipped using the suppliers preferred carrier. All orders will be drop shipped cheapest ground unless if specified otherwise. The purchaser can request to have their order delivered using their personal carrier. When shipping using the purchaser’s carrier, the purchaser is responsible for arranging the pickup with their carrier and providing Promo Stylist with all of the required shipping labels. If the purchaser arranges for pickup, Promo Stylist shall not be held liable for any errors that may be made by the purchaser. If the purchaser would like to use their carrier and have Promo Stylist arrange for the pickup, a $15 service fee will be applied.  

If delivery of an order is subject to meet a specified date, please advise Promo Stylist in writing when placing the order. Promo Stylist shall not be held responsible for carrier delays.

Online shipping generators are strictly used as estimates. Fuel surcharges and insurance will be applied upon delivery.

Delivery is FOB shipping point. The buyer owns the goods while they are in transit and is responsible for any damages, lost shipments, or hazards that may occur.         


Any claims in respect of the quality or quantity deficiency of products supplied must be received in writing within 7 days after the purchaser’s receipt of the products. ? 

Confirmations, Cancellation, and Changes of Orders
All orders are considered confirmed at the time they are placed. A copy of the Sales Order will be emailed to the purchaser for their reference. All details on the Sales Order are assumed to be correct unless if the customer notifies us otherwise. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully review all details on the Sales Order to ensure they are correct. If changes are required it is the customers responsibility to notify Promo Stylist immediately before production begins.  

Cancellation of a confirmed order must be made in writing. Cancellations made after the receipt of a sales order may be subject to significant penalties at the sole discretion of Promo Stylist. Purchasers will be invoiced for work-in progress on any part of a cancelled order that has already been filled up to the date that the written cancellation is received by Promo Stylist.

Any quantity changes to an order after the time of placing shall be made in writing prior to work commences on filling the order. A decrease in the quantity of an order will be treated as a cancellation of an order for the part of the order that is affected. An increase in the quantity of an order will be treated as a separate order for the amount over and above the amount in the original order, unless written notification of the change is received prior to work commences on filling the original order.

All unused or applied credits will be reversed/voided after 12 months from issue. ? 

Errors and Omissions
Promo Stylist obtains all information, downloadable files and software contained herein from sources believed by Promo Stylist to be accurate and reliable.  Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error, as well as other factors, Promo Stylist shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information displayed on the Promo Stylist Web site. Promo Stylist makes no representations, and expressly disclaims all responsibilities.

Exact Quantities
Promo Stylist will ship +/- 5% if exact quantity is not specified on the order and invoice accordingly.  Exact quantity can be requested for a $15 fee.

Force Majeure
Promo Stylist cannot be held responsible for failure to fulfill a delivery commitment as a result of unexpected situations which are beyond our control. Examples of this and not limited to are carrier delays, labour strikes, congestion at ports of entry into Canada, rail congestion, delays caused by congestion in overseas ports throughout Asia, and changes in government acts and regulations. Where we have implemented force majeure we will provide supporting information that has caused this delay.

Idemnification and Intellectual Property
Logos displayed in the Promo Stylist catalogue, website, or any flyers are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply endorsement of any kind. Promo Stylist assumes that artwork submitted by the purchaser for imprinting and reproduction purposes in an order are in compliance with the relevant laws governing copyright and trademark requirements. By placing an order with artwork submitted for imprinting and reproduction purposes, the purchaser warrants that they have the legal right to the marks, symbols or designed depicted in the artwork and shall indemnify and hold Promo Stylist harmless in any action for infringement of a copyright or trademark as a result of the imprinting and reproduction of the artwork. The purchaser shall furnish proof of right to use an intellectual property upon challenge by a third party.

Ink Color Change
All orders that require an ink color change are subject to a charge per color in accordance to the price set by the printer.

Inventory Delays
Demand may on occasion exceed the supply that is readily available. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve inventory delays and to fill an order in a timely manner under the circumstances in order to meet the aforementioned shipping times under the Production/Shipping Time section hereinabove.

Any order placed with Promo Stylist shall be governed by the laws of the Dominion of Canada and the laws of the Province of Ontario, without regard to conflict of laws. Any disputes arising there of shall be resolved in a competent court of jurisdiction in the Province of Ontario. A purchaser not residing in the Province of Ontario is deemed to attorney to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Province of Ontario should any disputes arise.

Limitations on Liability

Save in so far as defects in goods distributed by Promo Stylist causing death or injury to the person, and/or damages to property giving rise to personal economic liability or otherwise, Promo Stylist’s liability shall not exceed, in aggregate, the amount paid by the purchaser for the goods distributed under a contract with Promo Stylist causing such damage. In no event shall Promo Stylist be liable for any consequential damages or any other damages whatsoever, including without limitation, any loss of use, lost data, lost profits or lost opportunity incurred by the purchaser or a third party. The purchaser shall hold Promo Stylist harmless of all claims over and above the contract amount paid by the purchaser for the distribution of goods causing such damages. ??None of the foregoing shall limit consumers’ rights under the relevant laws.

Less than Minimum (LTM)
The absolute minimum quantity for an imprinted order to be accepted is half of the smallest quantity stated. Any order for the absolute minimum amount of goods with the same imprint is subject to a less than minimum charge.  Because Promo Stylist works with several suppliers each have unique policies, less than minimum quantities and charges will be determined at the discretion of the supplier.

Methods of Packaging
An order of products shall be packaged according to the suppliers specifications which are generally indicated on our website.  From time to time it is possible there may be errors and omissions. Promo Stylist shall not be held liable for any such errors, as all products and product information are uploaded to our website by a third party. The suppliers information in their catalogues and website will over-rule any information on our website.

Multiple Shipping Addresses
Split shipments are subject to a fee of $7.50 per address.

Overs and Unders
While every effort is made to ship the exact quantity, Promo Stylist shall be entitled to ship over or under the quantity per product of the same imprint by 5% and invoice accordingly.  This is in accordance with our supplier agreements to maintain quality control (QC) for production.  

Orders that require an exact quantity are subject to a surcharge billable at the rate determined by the supplier in accordance to their policies.

PMS Color Match (Pantone Matching System)
PMS color match is a service invoiced at the price that is set by the printer. While some printers offer this service for free, not all do. Before requesting a PMS Color Match, ask your Promo Stylist Account Manager if there is a color match fee for the item that is being printed.

NOTE: Although PMS Color Matching is very accurate, it is never guaranteed to be an exact match. Dark imprint colors are not recommended on dark fabrics. Alternatively, light imprint colors are not recommended on light fabrics. Some products may have ink color restrictions. Please inquire with your Promo Stylist Account Manager prior to placing an order.

Payment Methods
Promo Stylist accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), and Company Cheques.

A line of credit can be established by completing a credit application. Payment of invoice amounts are due net 30 days of the invoice date. Outstanding invoice amounts are subject to a 1.5% monthly late payment charge or an 18% annual fee.  Accounts that are setup on terms are required to submit payment by a regular company cheque, or electronic fund transfer. 

Credit card transaction fees are waived on payments made prior to delivery of the order. Credit card payments after delivery of the order are subject to a transaction fee of 2.4%.

Customers who choose to pay by Credit Card will be sent a credit card authorization form for them to complete to give permission to Promo Stylist to process their credit card for invoices as they come due.   

(also see payment terms)

Payment Terms
A line of credit can be established by completing a credit application. Upon credit approval, an account will be setup with a specified credit limit as deemed appropriate by the Credit Department.

Orders made on accounts with outstanding invoice amounts may be placed on hold until the outstanding balances and any applicable interests are paid in full. Accounts with outstanding amounts may be placed with a collection agency or become the subject of court proceedings for collection purposes. Any fees, legal or otherwise incurred for collection purposes shall be paid by the purchaser along with all outstanding amounts due and any applicable interests before a new order is processed. ??Credit facility may be withdrawn on accounts with outstanding amounts at the sole discretion of Promo Stylist. ?Payment of invoice amounts are due net 30 days of the invoice date. Outstanding invoice amounts are subject to a 1.5% monthly late payment charge or an 18% annual fee. ??Payment of invoice amounts may be made by Visa or Mastercard. ?There is a charge of $35.00 for each returned cheque.

Pre-production Samples
Pre-production samples may be requested.  There is a charge for this service, billable at the price set by the supplier, plus the cost of delivery and taxes.  Ask your Promo Stylist Account Manager for more info prior to requesting this service.

Orders are subject to the availability of the products requested. Promo Stylist reserves the right to alter the products offered for ordering without prior notification. All descriptions and illustrations of products are approximate and actual products may vary slightly. Promo Stylist reserves the right to alter any detail or design of products described and illustrated in the Promo Stylist catalogue and/or the Promo Stylist website. While every effort is made to accurately describe the products in the Promo Stylist catalogue and website, Promo Stylist makes no warranty or representations regarding same and shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages or any other damages whatsoever, including without limitation, any loss of use, lost data, lost profits or lost opportunity, in an action for contract with a third party, or in an action for negligence or tort otherwise. ?Dye lots and imprint colours may vary slightly on repeat orders. While every effort is made to ensure that colours match as closely as possible, actual material colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the Promo Stylist catalogue and/or website. The 100% colour cotton fabrics are not guaranteed to be colourfast. In addition, PMS colour matching is not available on ceramics due to high firing temperatures and an exact imprint colour match cannot be guaranteed. Promo Stylist cannot guarantee continuity of shade, colour, size, texture or construction of finished goods from lot to lot. 

Quality of Ceramics
Due to the inherent properties of ceramics produced overseas, there may be small imperfections or irregularities that should not be deemed defective. Variations in glaze and imprint colors may occur due to variations in materials, firing temperatures and color pigments. These variations must be considered acceptable.

Returns & Refunds (Printed Goods)
Once an order is decorated it is not resaleable and deemed non-returnable. All decorated sales are final.

Upon delivery of goods, Promo Stylist will allow the customer 30 days for the determination of reasonable and acceptable product defects. This 30 day frame is in concert with overseas factory agreements. Goods with imprints will not be accepted for an account credit or exchange unless if the supplier is found to be at fault. A careful inspection will be performed by the supplier to determine if the claims are reasonable. In the event of reasonable defects, the supplier will generally either re-do the job for the amount of pieces with defects, or issue a credit for an appropriate amount. Returned goods will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number.

Returns & Refunds (Goods without Print)
Most goods without decoration may be returned for a refund, account credit or exchange. A restocking fee of up to twenty percent (20%) of the invoiced amount will apply on unimprinted orders. Shipping costs will not be credited upon a return. Returned goods will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number. Not all goods are returnable. Speak with your consultant prior to purchase to see which goods are returnable.

Samples can be provided to anyone who is a member and has an active account registered. In most cases samples are free and are yours to keep. In order to keep our costs to you low, delivery is billable as well as some of the more expensive items. Our sample service is intended to help those who are seriously considering an item or are looking for ideas. We reserve the right to refuse to send samples at our discretion.

Setup Charges
Setup Charges and Repeat Setup Charges are set by the supplier providing the product.  A setup fee generally occurs per colour/size/logo/design/location. Ask your Promo Stylist Account Manager for more info prior to placing your order. 

Website Terms
By visiting you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions described on this page.  If you do not agree to the terms & conditions, please do not access or use this site.

Promo Stylist is a distributor of promotional products and is not a supplier, printer or manufacturer of the products it sells. All products sold by Promo Stylist are decorated by third parties. The photos, prices, and product descriptions displayed on are uploaded by the supplier through a third party (the e-commerce site provider). The purchaser shall hold Promo Stylist harmless for disputes that may arise, due to inaccurate information uploaded by the supplier. The product information displayed on the suppliers website is the most accurate and up to date.  By using our website the purchaser agrees to abide by the terms & conditions, and policies of the supplier.