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Where can I send my art? 

Artwork can be emailed to Please reference your Company Name and Order # in the subject line of the email to help speed up the process.

What format can I submit artwork in?
All artwork must be vector graphics with all text converted to curves (or) outlines.    

What is vector art?
Vector art is the industry standard for printing promotional products. It is a file that allows us to break apart the image, manipulate it and scale it to the correct size withough losing any resolution.  Vector art is most commonly created in Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Please do not send us a jpg or gif embedded into Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw; This does not qualify as vector art and will slow down the order process.

What are acceptable vector art formats?

  • Adobe Illustrator - Must be compatible with up to Version CS5
  • Corel Draw - Must be compatible with up to Version 11 

IMPORTANT: Please remember to convert all text & objects to curves. Promo Stylist has a large selection of designer fonts. However, all text must be converted to curves (in the event that we do not have the specific font used in your documents). Failing to do so may result in order delays. 

  • Photoshop - For best results, Photosshop EPS, TIFF and JPG files should be set for black and white 1 bit preview at 1200 DPI. Photoshop EPS, TIFF and JPG files should be no less than 200% of the final required imprint size and 600 DPI. If artwork is sent at 100% of imprint size, then 1200 DPI actual resolution should be supplied. Please note that Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is preferred, even though Photoshop is an acceptable format.

What if I am unable to submit vector art? 
Don't worry, Promo Stylist has a graphics department ready to assist you. Please note that additional charges will occur for any touch-ups, rendering, or for recreating your logo and is subject to a fee of $60 per hour (pro-rated quarterly in increments of 15 minutes). The amount of time required all depends on the detail involved in the logo.

Does Promo Stylist charge for repeat ad copy? 
No - Promo Stylist does not bill for repeat art & preparation fees, as long as it's an EXACT REPEAT. This means that there is no manipulation, scaling, touch-ups, or rendering of any kind. Please note that art files are stored for a period of 3 years.